Newborn Baby Care Workshops

Preparing for birth is really important, but as midwives we realise that a very important part after the birth (the baby!) is often overlooked. Our exclusive Newborn Baby Care Workshop is practical and informative; preparing you for caring for your little one. 



 January 31st (Mon) 7-9pm

April TBC

To book email 

  £30 per couple / £25 if doing our hypnobirthing course.

This workshop aims to provide expectant parents with confidence, knowledge and skills to care for their newborn in the early days. The focus is on you as a parent being the expert on your unique baby.

A practical and fun workshop, you will learn about normal newborn behaviour and how to care for your baby – nappies, bathing, sleep, crying, soothing and settling and much more …

The workshop complements our hypnobirthing course, which focuses on pregnancy and birth, so you can be fully prepared. But it can also be taken as a stand alone workshop.

Please note that this workshop does not include breastfeeding.  This is covered in our Breastfeeding workshop


Feedback from our Newborn Care Workshops:

“We loved it, and it gave us lots of confidence.  I would recommend it to anyone.”

“Overall information was excellent. Reassurance and mindfulness.”

“The best bits were practical exercises – nappies and swaddling. The non-prescriptive approach.  Katheryn gave us information so we were informed, but left us to make the ultimate decisions. We had the chance to ask as many questions as we wanted.”

“The practical aspects of this workshop were very useful.”