Newborn Breastfeeding Workshops

As experienced midwives we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping mothers to establish breastfeeding. Our breastfeeding workshops aim to prepare you for a calm, confident breastfeeding experience. 



AUGUST Tue 2nd 7-9pm

To book email 

Cost: £30 per couple / £25 for those doing our hypnobirthing courses.

Interact with an experienced midwife and connect with other couples too whilst learning all about:

  • The anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding.
  • The mind / body link and how relaxation techniques can facilitate breastfeeding.
  • How to correctly position and latch your baby at the breast.
  • How to avoid sore nipples and painful breasts.
  • How to tell that your baby is getting enough milk.
  • How to safely express and store breast milk.
  • And much, much more!