Testimonials & Birth Stories

 We receive fantastic feedback from the couples that we teach, the information we give is researched based and our health care and midwifery knowledge is invaluable. The social aspect is very important – many friendships are formed in our groups.

Visit our birth stories site to be inspired. Birth can be a positive experience.

Screenshot_20181007_212548Here are just a few of the many brilliant comments we have received…

“Thank you so much for a fantastic hypnobirthing course. It was really informative and very supportive throughout this time particularly. We both really enjoyed it. Thank you for being so approachable and balanced in all the options available”. (Joanne & George, July 2020)

“Martin and I just wanted to say thanks so much for the past 4 weeks. We’ve learnt a lot and feel ready to move forward with our practice. I was skeptical about doing the classes online but we thought you were great Sharon, really engaging and informative”. (Hannah & Martin, July 2020)

“Jim and I just wanted to send a huge thank you for your classes Sharon! We have really enjoyed them and found them to be hugely helpful. I’m not sure where we would have learned this information, had it not been for taking part in these classes! As a Teacher who has had to run multiple online teaching lessons this term, I completely get how different the video classes must be, but we found them to be great, and actually being able to relax at home during the class, was a real bonus”. (Jemma & Jim, July 2020)

“An amazing course led by a fantastic tutor (Katheryn). The four sessions really changed my view of child birth and has given me a much more positive approach to labour. The fact that the courses are run by midwives gives a great balance of hypnobirthing methodology with some really credible and practical advice. I can’t recommend it enough!” Toria, Bristol, Feb 2021, Google review.

“The course was recommended by my community midwife and was fantastic. The sessions were well planned and I was really impressed with how interactive they were, considering they were online. Our course leader, Katheryn, was really welcoming and took time to answer all our questions, which was great. I also found her honest approach really refreshing and I feel so much more prepared for not only the birth of our first child but motherhood in general.” Mahsa, Bristol, Feb 2021, Google review.

“Having just completed this course for the second time I cannot recommend it enough. The lessons also worked so well online as we were able to learn in the relaxed environments of our own homes, whilst still enjoying breakout sessions and opportunities for discussion. The group has set up a group chat to keep in touch and we hope to meet up later in the year when restrictions allow. The balance of advice from a midwife, mother and hypnobirthing teacher is just perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone and everyone expecting a baby, be it your first or your third!” Katy, Bristol, March 2021, Google Review.

“We cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you Michelle and bumps ‘n’ babies for creating such a great class and experience” Stephanie, Bristol, Feb 2018

Michelle is a fabulous teacher, the content was organised and delivered smoothly and having a practicing midwife as a teacher is invaluable, a fantastic course, for any expectant mother”. Deb, Bristol, 2018.

“I feel immensely grateful that I decided to sign up for a hypnobirthing course, and in particular with bumps ‘n’ babies. The fact that Sharon was a midwife gave me enormous confidence in what I was learning. Even in the face of intervention I managed to keep my head, and keep breathing, which given the fear I went into this pregnancy with, is a miracle beyond description”. Francesca, Bristol, 2015. Read Francesca’s birth story.

“I’ve thoroughly loved the course and I’m sure a large part of this has been because of your approach.  If we could have you deliver the baby too I would.  I’ve loved the relaxation and your really helpful and honest advice.” G, Bristol, 2016

“Just completed the hypnobirthing course with Michelle last night, and I can’t recommend it enough. The relaxation skills you develop whilst doing the course help not only with the birth, but also any insecurities you may have throughout your pregnancy. Whether it’s your first baby, second, third or forth… I recommend hypnobirthing to anyone” Chelsea, Bristol, Feb 2018, Facebook review

I just wanted to write a quick email to say a massive ‘thank you’ once again for the hypnobirthing classes that you run and the positive impact that it had on my pregnancy and the birth of our son. Rose, Bristol, 2016. Read Rose’s birth story

“I must say a huge thanks Sharon for your input in to what I consider a very positive birth experience.” Kim, Aug, 2017. Read Kim’s story


“Jade, I thank you and Sharon for introducing me to hypnobirthing, it was so worth it. If it hadn’t been for hypnobirthing, I never would’ve dreamed of having a home birth”. Katie, W-S-M, 2015.

“Birth was an amazing experience, a million miles from my perceptions at the beginning”. Hannah, 2015 Read Hannah’s birth story.

“Jade, thank you so much for everything. We had the most amazing birthing experience” Sam, Bristol, 2015.

“Thank you bumps ‘n’ babies for an amazing birth experience, we really loved every minute of that day and Caleb truly is such a gentle, sensitive, calm hypnobaby! I really feel so proud to have brought him into this world calmly and naturally without even thinking about the need for pain relief. Feeling like superwoman, like every mum should, however their birth experience unfolds”. Nicola, Bristol, 2016. Read Nicola’s birth story.

“I can honestly say my birth was a wonderful experience. Hypnobirthing empowered me, and freed my mind of any fear or negative emotions I had about birthing and replaced it with positive thoughts. It gave me the confidence to achieve something huge. Words to describe my birthing experience: empowering, strengthening, intense, powerful, and euphoric!” Lola, Bristol, October 2014.  Read Lola’s birth story 

“My husband and I attended the hypnobirthing class with Michelle and tagged on the newborn baby class with Kathryn and the breastfeeding workshop with Katie. They were all excellent and I’d do them again in a heartbeat! The classes were informative, well thought out and all round blimmin useful. I’m so glad I didn’t do NCT, I can’t imagine that being taught by mums/midwives/a hypnobirthing practitioner can be beaten. We now feel really prepared for labour and looking after our baby (and made some friends along the way). Go bumps’n’babies! Lauren, Bristol, Sept 2017, Facebook review.

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“I’d like to thank you Jade for your help and spreading your knowledge. I would not have coped through my experience without all that you taught me”. Scarlett, Southampton, 2017. Read Scarlett’s birth Story

“It has been so insightful and made us consider the birthing of our baby in a totally different light.  You are very good and clearly very passionate about this form of birthing.” Rosie, Bristol, December 2012

“Everything we did helped me to stay focused, calm and enjoy the experience”, Gemma, Bristol, Nov 2017

“My second birth was quite literally the opposite experience to my induction with my first and I feel I need to thank you Sharon for the course and preparation. Thank you so much!” Lucy, Bristol, 2017. Read Lucy’s birth story

“Katheryn, your help and guidance worked great and we couldn’t have done it without you.  Everyone was brilliant, especially Sharon.  She really did everything to give us the birth we wanted.  We really wanted to thank you with all our hearts” E & D, Bristol, December 2012

“It was a truly amazing experience and all the staff were brilliant. They commented on how calm I seemed both before and after the birth which was really good to hear. I have no doubt that the classes and hypnobirthing techniques really helped me.. now the fun begins!  Thanks Sharon for all your advice” Melanie, Bath, February 2012, Read Melanie’s birth story

“Bringing birth back to a natural act. Making women feel they can do this.  Very positive vibes.” F, Bristol 2016

“Dearest Katheryn, We can’t thankyou enough for everything you have done for us.  The hypnobirthing through to delivery and helping me to stay so calm throughout.  We are totally smitten with our baby boy” Robert and Natalie, Bristol, November 2012

Screenshot_20180921_134002“I believe that hypnobirthing helped me to cope with what I went through as well as form an immediate bond with my daughter.  Our baby was extremely content, barely crying for the first few weeks of her life and at 2 weeks already sleeping through the night. I would highly recommend hypnobirthing as a positive approach to labour, and even if things don’t go exactly to plan, the practises will help you throughout the journey of pregnancy, labour and life.”  Kerry, Bristol, August, 2012

“It was amazing, thought I’d totally failed at the hypnobirthing techniques because I got told I was only in early labour, turns out I was fully dilated!! Guess it did work! All healthy, he’s a fatty at 9.9lbs! Thank you for your help, Sharon, it’s been an awesome experience!”  C, Melksham, July 2012

“My birthing experience was so amazing that Phil and I are on a complete high for weeks after.   I also felt that being as calm and relaxed as I was about the birth really helped to make it the experience it was.  I am sure that this was due to the techniques we learnt at hypnobirthing so thank you so much Katheryn!!!!”  Emma Sharp, Kingsdown, Bristol, August 2013.  Read Emma’s birth story

“What an amazing experience.. I felt relaxed and focused throughout my labour. I remember sipping a cup of sweet tea and eating biscuits whilst in the pool at fully dilated shortly before bringing my baby girl into the world. She also took to breastfeeding with no problems at all, another credit to hypnobirthing I’m sure!” Jade, Bristol, Jan 2014. Read Jade’s birth story

“The birth of our little girl went really well.  I managed to get to myself to 8cm before getting to the delivery suite by listening to the C.D’s  and then only needed gas and air and TENS. Thanks a lot Sharon x”  K, Bristol, July 2012

“We had our baby girl at Paulton birth centre, everything went really well. We arrived at 8pm and our daughter was born at 12.35am. My husband was a fantastic birth partner and the HypnoBirthing techniques definitely helped us through. We had a wonderful hypnobirth and we would both like to say thank you very much Sharon for helping us to have such a fear- free, relaxed birthing experience!” Laura, Bath, March 2012

“I couldn’t have asked for a more positive birth and I can’t say thank you enough for helping me to achieve it. The hypnobirthing techniques definitely helped me birth my beautiful boy in a much more controlled way. I wouldn’t say it was a completely pain free or orgasmic experience  for me but it was definitely an enjoyable experience that I would love to do again and I never thought I’d say that!” Kelly, Bristol, June 2014. Read Kelly’s birth story

“First 13 hours of labour calm and comfortable at home with hypnobirth techniques. Arrived Southmead 8cm dilated. She’s a calm and beautiful little thing – thank you so much for helping us make her entrance to this world a stress-light experience for her.”  Jo and Geoff, Bristol, August 2013


“Hypnobirthing really helped me to stay calm (perhaps too calm for the midwives liking!) and I would thoroughly recommend it to all mothers to assist you in having a positive birth.” Andrea, Bristol, May 2013.  Read Andrea’s birth story

“I’d been dreaming I’d been having contractions all night and slept soundly with my tracks from around 22:30 that night,  decided to go to Cossham arriving at 06:50 and he was promptly born at 07:29, the breathing really worked and when I found I was becoming distressed I found it really easy to calm myself and listen. I don’t know what it is about hypnobirthing but I am a total believer :), my birth was a positive and lovely experience so thank you for everything.” C, July 2017

“Yay – Hypnobirthing!” – Helen Ward. Read Helen’s birth story