Hypnobirthing Course Information

Hypnobirthing is an effective birth preparation course that teaches simple yet powerful self hypnosis, relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques, for a better birth experience. Click here for:


Three pregnant women

By learning the theory behind hypnobirthing you will come to understand how your body is designed to give birth to your baby. You will learn how to prepare yourself both physically and mentally whilst remaining relaxed and positive throughout your pregnancy.

If you are having a medically managed labour, such as an induction of labour, be reassured that the hypnobirthing techniques we teach and the information that we give you will enable you to achieve a positive birth experience.

The course addresses any specific worries or fears you and your birth partner may have and includes practical tips and advice for labour. (As midwives we have a lot of experience of this!)

We also discuss relevant research studies and statistics alongside hospital protocols and guidelines so that you can make informed decisions about your care during pregnancy, labour and birth.

We recommend you start the course anytime after your 20 week anomaly scan. It is never too late to benefit from hypnobirthing so don’t worry if you are further on in your pregnancy, contact us to find out more.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

As well as preparing for labour and birth you can also learn how to care for your new baby with our additional and unique workshopsNewborn Baby Care  and Breastfeeding. These tie in with the hypnobirthing philosophy and are based on the latest research.  So there is no need to do NCT or other birth preparation courses.  The social aspect of the course is also important and many friendships are formed in our supportive classes.

We require a non refundable deposit to secure your place. Final payment is due two weeks before the course starts, please read our  terms and conditions.

*Please note, although we are registered midwives we are unable to offer specific medical advice tailored to your individual pregnancy, for this you should contact either your G.P or named midwife.